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Caitlyn Palmer

Nov 30, 2022


I want to get this to use Minecraft on my chromebook will this extension let me?

Sammy Beets

Sep 19, 2022

multiple users

I have several grandchildren that spend the weekends with me and we are needing to work on some projects for being stuck inside during oncoming winter months.
We have multiple chromebooks one for each kid and I would like to know, if I download this onto each chromebook which are ran under my single google account will they be able to use this as if in a classroom setting.

Sharon Patterson

May 21, 2021

I found this in my Chrome , what is it used for ?

I was looking for a app. ext. for to unlock my iPhone. I need to download to my chrome so i can get into my itunes.
I have a acer chromebook. can u help me?

Brajesh Kumar

Sep 18, 2020

i want new account

i have to make some prac works

Willian Domingues

Sep 14, 2020


I need the user root password for educational purposes

raghavan v

Aug 18, 2020

ubuntu on intel platform

1. I could always get amd hardware on ubuntu. can it be made intel
2. basically am trying to run some kvm related experiments is this platform right choice ?


Jul 10, 2020

Root password

Please tell the root password. I am using it for educational purpose and without root password , it is not possible to do anything and ,even we can'nt download anything

umesh balaji

Jun 19, 2020

RE: Set Password

Hi Team,

How to set for root user password.
Kindly help me.

НАИ-196_Анна Литвиненко

May 20, 2020


Как подключить клавиатуру?

Дядя Коля

May 17, 2020

Какой пароль?

Скажите пароль для работы от root в термнале на Xubuntu

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