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Pranav Legend

May 28, 2024

Ad in web.


Chris Golubski

May 22, 2024

No longer blocking ads on Twitch. Any idea when a fix may go into effect for it? Thanks.

Vishal Vishwakarma

May 11, 2024

About improvement of the icon of uBO


I had a suggestion. The icon of the ublock origin is good, however I find "b" letter with "u" in the icon ugly. My suggestion is that just remove the "b" letter from icon and final icon should contain "U" letter only.
It may sound wierd but I felt like I should give feedback about it.


Prakhar Aditya

May 10, 2024

This extension is blocking the Internet access

I have been using this extension for years and I had no problem, but today when I started my work on chrome, it won't let me reach to any site. I hope you can fix this.

devesh gundecha

May 9, 2024

uBlock Origin blocks our embedded application from loading

Our application is embedded in our partner portal and it would appear that the JS script is removed and blocked by your application. Could you please provide contact detail of the person who support us with this investigation.

Isaac OLEG

May 8, 2024

update ? automatic, or desinstall Ublock O first ?

Thank you for Ublock . Recently the advertising do not showup in youtube, but the playing video is stopped during the time frame of the pub.
I want to try to reinstall the last version but is it a known probnlem ?

Nikolay Zolotaryov

May 3, 2024

Не работает расширение

Просто не открывает сайты, когда оно включено.

Johannes Håkonsen

May 2, 2024

Chrome won't open any webpages when Extension is enabled

Spent a solid hour wonder what was wrong when I updated my chrome today, found out this extension was the problem! No website will open unless I turn it off. Please fix


Apr 27, 2024

Chrome won't open any webpages when Extension is enabled

Chrome refuses to open webpages when it is active and I noticed a very high spike in my hardware temps indicating that google is doing some forced and very heavy handed throttling on my application. This is a very predatory practice by google and should be challenged. Please consider updating the extension but also filing a complaint and make them cease this war on Adblock.

Jimmi Jönsson

Apr 25, 2024

When activated


At the moment when your addon is activated, I can't display any webpages.
As soon as I disable your addon, everything works.

What's wrong?

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