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Edwin Slonim

Nov 6, 2019

UA Expert Mode+ - still being supported

Hi, Is this still supported? Any plans to get it working again (at least it doesn't work for me any more)

Paul C

Apr 15, 2018


It seems to only work right after searching. If I filter out flights it does not work anymore.

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 13, 2018

Extension not working

Looks like the UA geeks have been messing with things again as this extension hasn't been working for a couple of weeks.

Guil Barros

May 22, 2017

Stops working if I sort results

Shows up great when you first get search results but if I hit the duration link to sort by flight time the Expert+ results go away. Help?

Dan Jacobs

Nov 17, 2015

Having issues with latest non-beta site

Can't seem to get the full list of available fare classes to show, just the defaults under the three buckets. I am logged into my account and have expert mode enabled. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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