TwLikersExporter — инструмент экспорта лайкеров твитов
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Извлекайте пользовательские данные Twitter обо всех пользователях, которым понравился твит, в CSV/Excel одним щелчком мыши! Легко…

TwLikersExporter is perfect for businesses and marketers who want to find valuable leads and streamline their lead generation process. By analyzing the exported data, you can easily identify potential leads based on their interests and activity on the platform. Whether you're looking for early adopters or long-time users, our extension provides valuable insights that can help inform your marketing strategy. 🙂How it works: 1. Copy the tweet URL(example: . 2. Paste the URL into the extension and click the "Start Export" button. 📋The columns included in the CSV and how they can generate leads for you: 1.ID 2.UserName 3.ScreenName 4.UserAccountCreationDate - This is the date on which the user created their account on Twitter. Analyzing the user's account creation date can provide insights into their level of experience and influence on the platform. 5.CanDM - This field indicates whether the user has enabled direct messaging on their account. Identifying users who allow direct messaging can help users initiate a conversation with potential leads and build a relationship with them. 6.Bio - This field contains the user's Twitter bio, which can provide information about their interests, job title, and company affiliation. Analyzing the user's bio can help users understand their potential needs and preferences. 7.UserFollowerCount - This field contains the number of users who follow the user. Analyzing the user's follower count can provide insights into their popularity and influence on the platform. 8.UserFollowingCount - This field contains the number of users that the user is following. Analyzing this field can provide insights into the user's level of activity on the platform and their dependence on it. Generally, the more users a Twitter user is following, the higher their level of engagement and dependence on the platform may be. 9.ListedCount - This field contains the number of Twitter lists that the user has been added to. Analyzing the user's listed count can provide insights into their authority and influence within their niche or industry. 10.StatusesCount - This field contains the number of tweets that the user has posted. Analyzing the user's statuses count can provide insights into their level of activity and engagement on the platform. 11.MediaCount - This field contains the number of media files (such as images and videos) that the user has posted on Twitter 12.ProfileImageURL - This field contains the URL of the user's profile image on Twitter. 13.Location - This field contains the user's location, as stated on their Twitter profile. Analyzing the user's location can provide insights into their geographic location and potential needs based on their local market. 14.IsVerified - This field indicates whether the user has been verified by Twitter. 15.IsBlueVerified - This field indicates whether the user has been blue verified by Twitter.This may indicate a user's willingness to pay for virtual products or services to some extent. 🔒Data Privacy: We take the security and privacy of user data very seriously and we are committed to complying with all applicable privacy regulations and guidelines, including the GDPR and CCPA. Our tool is an automated tool and does not have any impact on your account. 📘Disclaimer: Twitter is a trademark of Twitter, Inc. TwLikersExporter is an independent browser extension and is not affiliated with Twitter. ✉️Contact us: We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our extension. Please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Разработчик "TwLikersExporter — инструмент экспорта лайкеров твитов" предоставил указанные ниже сведения о сборе и использовании ваших данных. Подробную информацию вы найдете в политике конфиденциальности разработчика.

В продукте "TwLikersExporter — инструмент экспорта лайкеров твитов" обрабатываются следующие типы данных:

Информация, позволяющая идентифицировать личность

Этот разработчик утверждает, что ваши данные:

  • Не продаются третьим лицам, за исключением разрешенных вариантов использования
  • Не используются и не передаются в целях, не связанных с работой основных функций продукта
  • Не используются и не передаются для определения платежеспособности или в целях кредитования


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