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Wayne Holly

Jul 5, 2021

Icon disappers from Twitter

After I installed the extension, it worked very well. The next time I opened Twitter, the icon in each Tweet was gone. I tried restarting the app and refreshing Twitter. It still does not appear in the Tweets.

brandon vorkapich

Jul 1, 2020

Screenshots dont work

Every screenshot I take for over a week now only shows half or less than half the image........

brandon vorkapich

Jun 30, 2020

Screenshot cut in half picture

Screenshots been cut in half for days... it won't work no matter what I do...

brandon vorkapich

Jun 28, 2020

Screenshots not working

Screenshots only showing half the image.... Every other day it messes up. Seems its fixed then next day back to half image screenshots

brandon vorkapich

Jun 27, 2020

Screenshots getting cut off half way again....

Screenshots are getting only half the image again. This happened a day ago was fixed an now I try to use it again an it's doing the same thing. Screenshot is cut in half wont show full image

brandon vorkapich

Jun 25, 2020

partial screen shots

Only getting the top of or half screen shots any way to fix this? Just started happening today

Pamela David

Jun 25, 2020

partial screen shot

I am only getting a partial screen shot. Is there a fix?

Michael Wosnick

Aug 22, 2019

Not working?

Since Twitter changed its format a few weeks ago, the extension for chrome has stopped working. Is there going to be a fix any time? This was one of my favorite extensions! Many thanks either way for your efforts!

Unnikrishnan S

Aug 1, 2019

not working

Not working anymore. Please update the extension.

Robert Slagle

Dec 17, 2018

Copying a screenshot to other social media platforms

After capturing a Twitter screenshot how do I go about transferring it, to say, Tumblr, Facebook, Google Plus, or LinkedIn?

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