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For your better Twitter media experience.

Twitter Media Assist This extension enhances your Twitter media experience. The extension converts and saves MP4 video to GIF animated picture, and the extension supports easy downloading of Twitter media file. Update 3.2.6 - Fix to download PNG files - Fixed private account download button style Update 3.2.5 - Add domain to work - Fixed an issue where file names were not changed properly in Chromium-based browsers. Update 3.2.4 - Changed so that all tweet media of complex media types can be downloaded. Update 3.2.3 - Fix margin before download button Update 3.2.2 - Changed to receive the original resolution. Update 3.2.1 - Fixed an issue where images were not being downloaded properly. - Fixed an issue where the order of images was changing during download. - Fixed an issue where the window was closing after clicking to download individual images. Update 3.2 - Modify to download video using GraphQL - Deleted TS, MP4 selection option in option page - Integrated the view count hiding feature that was only available in the Firefox add-on Update 3.1 - Sorry. I didn't check merge... Fix do not work. Update 3.0.7 - Merged pull requests - Download button to work new Twitter UI - Download icon work with hover action - Donwload with filename order with right order - Video Download acting - Sorry to late update chrome version. I useally do tweet on Firefox Browser... Update 3.0.5 - Fix affecting download path in other downloads and download extensions ? Update 3.0.4 - Fix affecting download path in other downloads and download extensions Update 3.0.3 - Fix readable name option not working with Chromium engine browser - Fix tweet image indexes incorrected Update 3.0.1 - An error in video download is fixed - Option page error is fixed Update 3.0.0 - GIF converting spinner issue fixed Update 2.2.3 - Fix video download. - Fix adding gif converting message each converting. Update 2.2.2 - Style fixed. Update 2.2.1 - Single image download added - Readable file name supported (See option page) - Extension works with mobile sub-domain Update 2.2 - MP4 Video would be downloaded best quality that Twitter provide. Update 2.1.2 - Fix video download feature. (I was not fully test... Sorry to that.) Update 2.1.1 - Fix adding an image download button Update 2.1 - Add images download feature Update 2.0.1 - Adapt to new Twitter UI Update - Fix memory leaking Update 2.0 - Enable parallel convert and download - Remove new tab on specific name option Update - Fix option page Update 1.3.9 - Enable MP4 video download again!! Yahoo!! Update - Fix TS video download Update - Add night style - Fix GIF download Update - Overlay Tweet three download button bug fixed. - Adding download button with non-video overlay Tweet fixed. Update - TS video enable. Update - Changed that only video Tweet will have a download button. Update 1.3.8 - Handled that Twitter block right click on video area. - Add button to download vidoe - Now it support GIF and some simple video but not video with sound (.TS extension), I will add video after understand how to work Twitter video work (In progress) Update - Set TS as default download because MP4 cannot download. To solve this problem will take much time. Update - None-sounded-MP4 file download as MP4. Update - GIF download fixed. (I'm sorry to late because i had a job and work from morning to late night.) Update - Change GIF download method for larger file. - Add new TS video address for download. Update 1.3.7 - You can download the Twitter Video as MP4 extension by default. - TS extension give you more higher resolution than MP4 extension. - You can download TS file with changing a option in the option page. - Support larger video file. GIF is not support yet. I will fix it. - The option page updated. A drop-down option box changed to check-boxes. Update 1.3.6 - FINALLY!! You can download video file from Twitter AGAIN!! - Twitter changed their video format as ".ts". I will support a feature encoding into MP4 in the future update. Update 1.3.5 - You can download original MP4 file that Twitter blocked. You can enable this feature in the option page. There are GIF only, MP4 only and both download, three options. Default value is GIF only. Check new feature and have happy Twitter time! Update 1.3.4 - TweetDeck video type is supported. Update - Adopt to new Twitter video format. They integrated all video into one HTML format. MP4 can convert to GIF and video is downloaded well. Update 1.3.1 - Different type of Twitter video can download at now. Update 1.3 - NEW FEATURE: Twitter video download supports. - You can download Twitter video file as right-click and save! Update 1.2.3 - Huge memory leaking was debugged. But there is still a little leaking of memory. Update 1.2.2 - A error that the GIF file cannot download with incognito mode is fixed. Update 1.2.1 - Add option page. - You can save converted GIF file with specific path and file name. Update 1.2 - Add converting progress window. More information like how many files left and how much progress in now task, will be added in this windows. Update 1.1.3 - Stable multiple download enabled with task queue. Update 1.1.2 - Same file downloading bug fixed. Update 1.1.1 - The bug that the first frame is always black frame was debugged. Update 1.1 - Change the GIF generation algorithm. - A existence of the side noise in some GIFs is debuged. - GIF quality is upgraded. - BAD NEWS: The conversion time is extended.

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"I want to download readable file name"に設定しても、ランダムな文字列としてダウンロードされます。 また、この拡張機能をONにしたままだと、外部サイトからTwitterページへランディングする際に、さっきまで開いていた別のページにリダイレクトされ、本来飛ぶはずのページに飛ばなくなることがあります。

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