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Natalie Mochaccino

Nov 5, 2023

Two Accounts

I signed up for the monthly and then wanted the yearly and signed up for the yearly and I am afraid that I will be charged twice. Please only keep the yearly subscription I submitted.

Matt King (mkingasaurous)

Aug 3, 2023

card keep declining but i have money on it

for some reason every card i use4 declines and i have money

Love Crumbs

Apr 23, 2023

I have subscribed and am still not able to use the services

Hi there,

I have used my card to subscribe to the services, but still can't use it to bulk follow. Also, I am not sure how to cancel if during my 10-day trial, I am not satisfied. Please help.

Rares Cruceat

Oct 28, 2022


I have my card attached to an old subscription that is made I think on one of this emails:, or something like that. I want to close the subbscription and I can't. Can you please help me with it?

mike lehner

Oct 16, 2022

I want to cancel the subscription.

The app does not work. I need to cancel my subscription.


Sep 17, 2022


If I bought a monthly subscription, is it a one-time fee or a subscribtion


Jun 27, 2022



Chris Horsle

May 23, 2022

Cancelling subscription


I signed up for the trial (which will automatically charge me 5$ after completion) however, the bot is not as smart as I thought. It will spam click follow even once twitter has limited me. How do i cancel the subscription?


Southcoast Hack

Mar 20, 2022

cancelation this is not working

can i get a refund please? its not working on twitter. I only ordered it maybe a week ago and haven't been able to use it. my account

Channel AD

Feb 3, 2022


Hello, how can I unsubscribe from Twitter Follow? Hello, how can I unsubscribe from Twitter Follow? How can I contact you for details?

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