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KJq Drozna

Jul 31, 2023

Firefox support?

I'm missing this addon in Firefox, any chance it will be published there in the future?

Godz Fire3 (GodzFire)

Jul 25, 2023

Radio mode for VODS?

I'm looking for this exact same thing but for VODs I watch. Is this an ability that can be added?

C Rainbow

Jun 1, 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT (June 2, 2023)

Hi everyone, this is the author of the extension.

Recent changes in Twitch API made many third party tools unusable, including Streamlink, Alternate Player for, and Twitch Radio Mode.

I am currently working on a fix and will update it as soon as possible. Thanks for waiting.

chaz z

Jun 1, 2023

Not working anymore

"Radio mode can be used only in livestream"

Andreas Benci

Jan 5, 2023

Extension available for Firefox?

Hi! Firstly, thank you very much for this extension - its simple and works well (everything one wants in an extension).

I've recently moved over to Firefox and was wondering if this extension is available on firefox? Any similar alternatives I can find are in the firefox extension store are inferior to your one. Thank you!

C Rainbow

Jul 12, 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT (July 12, 2022)

Hi everyone, this is the author of the extension.

There is an issue with the recent version (0.5.0) that the radio mode does not start for about 15 seconds after the button is clicked.

I am working on a fix and will submit the new version as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, please wait for 15 seconds for the radio mode to start.

The reason for this delay is Twitch's advertisement, during which Twitch just sends a silent audio to the extension. I believe the workaround I used for 0.5.0 was now blocked by Twitch, and I'm working on a new one.

I apologize for the trouble.

Salvatore Cresce

Jul 11, 2022

Button not working during live streams

Hello, the button becomes gray when I play it during live streams. It used to work until two days ago. I tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but still nothing.


May 9, 2022

Button present but not accessible

the radio icon appears on Twitch but is grayed out and not accessible

saku saku

May 8, 2022



Edd “eddto”

May 8, 2022

Not working any more

The radio button can be seen loading up as the stream is loading and disappears behind the audio compressor from FFZ. Disabling all other extensions doesn't bring it back. Hope it can be fixed. It might be having issues with other extension updates or chrome updating.

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