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Chara Dremurr

Sep 22, 2023

cant add streamers anymore

i am unable to add streamers to my favorites list anymore i tried everything i could think of, turning my pc on and off, removing and reinstalling the extension and now i lost the list if my favorite streamers and cant add them back.

Stephen Weimer

Sep 8, 2023

How do I add to favorit

How do I add to favorit

Hope Man

May 28, 2023

Open in new tab problem/suggestion

the app works well. So thanks for that.

One thing that I'm missing is being able to open a stream with the middle mouse button (or right clock context menu -> open in new tab) in new tab without leaving the current tab and losing my current scroll position in the app.

My flow when I want to watch Twitch:
I'm on a random tab, click on your extension's icon, and begin scrolling through my list of favorites and then decide that I want to open a few of them in a new tab while I stay on this current tab and don't lose my scroll position in the list.

Hope that was understandable.



Jan 19, 2023

Extension not displaying all live streamers.

I did not get a notification when a Favorite Streamer went live. I check the extension pop-up box, and it is empty. I have the live stream currently open. I then click "show other streamers" and only 3 live channels are shown out of the 8 that I'm following that are live.

Viktor Agustín Luzny

Nov 11, 2022

Search bar to quickly select a streamer to set to favorite

If you follow a lot of streamers, a search bar would speed up selecting your favorites instead of scrolling

Christian Williams

Oct 25, 2022

How to setup and connect extension to Twitch account

I'm not sure how I go about linking this extension to my Twitch. I clicked add to my desktop but don't know the proper procedure to continue linking the extension. I don't see anything on my desktop or downloads.

Collin Williams (Tolnin Is A Tolnin)

Oct 20, 2022

Not Getting Notifications

I've tried editing my Chrome and computer settings because I've blocked Chrome from sending me notifications, but I turned that off and I still don't get notifications for when a favorite streamer goes live. I got this thing basically solely for the notification. It doesn't do much if I have to click on it to see who's streaming. I could just go to Twitch itself to check that. Can you help out?

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