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Oct 24, 2023

Plug no take automatic points

The plug-in stopped receiving channel points. When points to receive appear, the plug-in does not receive and does not count the points

Leonard Burns

Nov 30, 2022

Not working as of 11/30/2022

Appears that the extension is no longer working, happened in the last few days I think.

Hiccups Hudson

Mar 16, 2022

not working

hi. the extension isn't working anymore.
kind regards, hiccups


Jun 23, 2021


Unchecked runtime.lastError: The tab was closed.
Trace de la pile
_generated_background_page.html:0 (Fonction anonyme)


May 24, 2021

not working

This extension appears not not be working currently. I see the things appear to click on still.

David 26

May 7, 2021

no me dan puntos del canal

hola me gustaría saber como subo los puntos del canal porque llevo 1 hora y no me ha subido ningún punto

Qewerka Qew

Jan 14, 2021

Only works in one tab

The first stream I open, it only works in that tab, I open second stream/second tab and it doesnt work! It worked before just fine! Please fix this!


Dec 31, 2020

no se como instalar

No me sale por donde instalar el programa

Ethan T

Dec 23, 2020

Multiple Channels

Does this auto clicker work with multiple channels or only one at a time? Do you need to be on the page itself or can I browse other sites.

Martin Garcia

Sep 1, 2020

No me funciona mas

Ya no hace click

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