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juju kim

Nov 8, 2023


Hello, first of all, thank you so much for helping us and using anti-ban it really helps a lot and hope your life goes more smooth and brighter! just wonder anti ban helped to watch stream and chat, but wonder is there any extension help ban channel to re-follow or maybe possible that ani-ban may help to do that? or buy monthly Subscribe somehow again?

juju kim

Nov 7, 2023

video is showing but chat wont show anymore

video is showing but chat wont show anymore,
just in case i delete extension and re-added it, but still same issue, wonder what might caused?

Cra Epr

May 20, 2023

The not working issue is fixed.


Mike Liu

May 18, 2023

doesnt seem to work anymore

doesnt seem to work anymore


Oct 19, 2022

7tv emotes and no background

I want to see 7tv emotes and have it look more like regular chat. the gray background is weird

ali Kamyab

Mar 5, 2022

does not work

fix this

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