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Kristo Zenga

Apr 13, 2022


Installing and running this app on chromebook...

Jonathan Agar

May 21, 2019

Adding silences of less than 1 second .

I have twisted wave on my powerbook and I have been using it for a couple of years to edit my voice over recordings. For about a week I haven't been able to add a silence of less than one second! Why is this? Have I reset something? I can't find out where to reset it if this is the case. I can add 1 second, but when I try to add 0.5 seconds (for example) it just cuts the highlighted section completely but doesn't replace it with any silence at all! Hoping someone can help! Regards, Jon Agar.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 8, 2018


Will this work with an external USB Turntable and a Chromebook? IF so what do i need besides the USB turntable which I have?

Darren Maltais

Jan 17, 2018


Do you have plans to move from Flash to HTML5? Thanks!

Pikachu Pokemon

Mar 31, 2017

Multiple Files

I think this should have the ability to have two overlapping edible audio files.

Ethan Rose

Dec 17, 2016


OMG, I need to be able to have layered recording. On the overview, the picture shows two different layers of recording. HOW THE HECK DO I DO THAT?!

xander vaughn

Jul 19, 2016

can't be deleted

this app can't be deleted and honestly this needs to be fixed. i don't need this and i need it deleted.

Mousa Moose

Mar 12, 2016

Recording Device

I have downloaded, and am using this on a chromebook; is there a way I can use an external usb mic or will it always automatically revert to the pre-installed laptop one?

Draven Herd

Mar 10, 2016


every time i try opening my music it keeps going to the link and it wont letme listen to my music plz help how do i stop it i dont want to delete me folder and redownload everything

Draven Herd

Mar 10, 2016

i need help

every time i try listning to my music it wont let me how do i stop it

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