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Nicole Tomasi (Nichi)

Mar 22, 2024

does not work

i can not download data after extraction. find a solution or please refund me

Igor Scaldini

Jan 17, 2024

Cancel it

Hi! I'd like to cancel it (email


Nov 11, 2023

I want cancell the suscription and get back the money of the payment.

Hello I have payed yesterday 19,95, but it doesn´t work. Extension for Twitter, n.º 2822-3963, email
I want to cancell the suscription and get back the money during 7 days piriod after payment.
Can you please confirm the cancellation of the sucription and giving me back the money please?
Eva Iszoro

account manager

Aug 28, 2023

mass follow

do you guys have mass follow for twitter or which one would you recommend

Matthew Mitchell

Aug 10, 2023

Scrape Speed

How long does it typically take to scrape ~29K followers? seems to take very long to do the 300 followers in the free plan. Before I sign up, would like to know more.

Ben Dreyfuss

Jul 1, 2023

upgraded to premium but it won't let me export

I paid to upgrade but it still will only let me download the free, limited export.

Matthew Rozowsky

Jun 13, 2023

Cant find where to cancel subscription

Please cancel my subscription. There is no option on your website for this.

Maxwell Rothstein

Mar 14, 2023

Not exporting

When I click export it takes me to the twitter page of the person but does not export the followers..

Jonny Ferguson

Feb 11, 2023

does the follower continue after 50,000 scrapes till it get all followers

also how many users can you scrape at a time?

Elizabeth Lomax-Laidlaw

Nov 18, 2022

Log in

asking me to log in with google but prefer to use another acc

Google apps