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Dominik Lieger

Feb 7, 2024

Emojis are put into next line

I use this extension to display emojis like 🫶 but for emojis that are already visible like 😍 it causes that they are going into a new line

See here:

That is without extension:

Efe the Captain

Jul 30, 2023

Commenting on Reddit cause bugs.

...bugs, like it throws the text insertion point to the start and removing the emojis are painful, I can't simply delete them with a backspace or the del keys. I have to select one character of space (you know, it turns blue...). And even then it's not a reliable way to delete, because you can delete your text, Using ctrl+Z is more reliable. Just a pain in the A..

Other than that it shows all the emojis, for some reason my Chrome doesn't show all the emojis. That's why I'm using the extention.


Sep 2, 2022

Whatsapp Web

When using WA web, emoijs cannot be typed due to the extension. When the extension is disabled, I can type emojis.

- Add exception for

Michelled Nappi

Dec 31, 2021


I installed the app on my laptop. My browser is Chrome. Now how do I use these emojis on Twitter? I want to have diverse skin tones. Thanks!

Robert “Maddy” Roller

Nov 9, 2021

emoji size

the emojis are way too big


Apr 20, 2021

Extension breaks on Twitter, maybe update it so it ignores Twitter?

Hi! I really like your extension, I vastly prefer Twemoji over the ugly Windows 10 default system emoji! However I've noticed the extension kinda breaks Twitter's compose box for Tweets & replies when you try to add emojis :c

Would it be possible for you to update this extension to ignore Twitter? Their emoji is already Twemoji so it's redundant and causes this bug, so I think that would be a nice change. If you aren't still actively developing this or don't want to implement this change, I understand of course.

(Also I did try to disable this extension on Twitter using Chromium's extension manage tools, but it only has options to enable it on *specific* sites or make it disabled on all sites by default, which would be a hassle for something I want to run on all sites except for 1 :p)

Anyway, hope this finds you well! Thanks!

Mc AbadBoy

Feb 14, 2021

emoji inside textbox

all works flawless, thank you for your good job, but could you make a update so the emoji inside a textbox could be desplayed with colours? Cause I got the old black & white ones in Chrome on windos 7 when writing a message inside a textbox. thank you!

joel j

Dec 4, 2020

Hover text

Would be nice to see the emoji description on hover like in Twitter. I see you are using the alt attribute for a fallback emoji? Maybe a css tooltip or an option to choose what the alt attribute shows?

But thank you so much for this, I spent hours looking for a solution before I found your extension. Really made my day!

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