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Jack H

Aug 26, 2022

Can't sign in with google on chrome

Sorry, can't sign in. I see error "can't get access token" in the console


Mar 26, 2019

Can't sign in

I am using Brave Version 0.61.52 Chromium: 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit) and when I hit the sign in with google it does not work.

Jud Valeski

Mar 18, 2019

unable to sign-in

can't sign into Google using Chrome or Brave.

Max le Fou (ButtBadger)

Mar 16, 2019

Can't sing in

When I click the "sing with google" button, nothing happens. I'm on vivaldi (which is based on chromium). Is this why it doesn't work?

Pam Pierce

Mar 14, 2019

Google Tune does it also block bad reviews of products?

I am concerned that it will block negative reviews of products. I want to see thoughtful negative information about products, I just want it to be done respectfully. Will Google Tune allow respectful negative comments? If so what level should it be set at to allow this? If you don't allow respectful negative comments then please add this feature so I can filter out the disrespectful comments.

Michael O'Neill

Nov 24, 2018

Not compatible with YouTube's Dark Mode

The extension is highlighting all YouTube comments in white. This is probably fine except when the user has dark mode activated. I'm seeing an enormous white box that blanks out the comment text (also in white).

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