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David Patterson

Mar 24, 2022

Please update!

Pretty please?

David Patterson

Apr 25, 2020


Tumblr has upped its resolution to 2048, or at least it seems to be rolling this out for some users. I know it's been a while since the last update, but is this something you'd be interested looking into?

H. Shiley (Daemonreaver)

Oct 13, 2019

update for the new yahoo x640 urls?

noticed that this lovely tool gasnt been updated for yahoo's new 640 url system.
any plans to?

Pedro Caldeira

Aug 23, 2017



As You probably know Firefox now also supports web-extensions.
Do you plan on porting this addon to Firefox?

Yuri Khristich

Apr 5, 2017

Two tabs emerge when an image was opened from RSS feed

When I open some tumblr image from my RSS feed your Ext opens the image in TWO tabs. First tab for the 500 image and second tab for the 1280 one. If there a way to leave only the second tab?

Tumblr Feed

Aug 17, 2015

Make this work on the Archive Page

If you could make this extension work on the archive page, it would be lovely

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