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Patrick Stephan Marshall

Jul 5, 2020

not working as it should

just started a few days ago that tubelister no longer add all tabs, and you have to click several times, sometimes adding individual tabs, which defies the purpose i think...

Saloua Saksik

Mar 23, 2020

Nice work!

I really enjoy your extension however I'd like to suggest a few upgrades, like being able to make playlists for more than 50 links cuz 50 is the max that I noticed, idk if it works for other people in which case please let me know. And also, saving the said playlist or at least linking it to our google account that would be awesome. Cheers!

Felipe Marinho

Dec 27, 2019

Saving your Playlist

Good day, Stelios

I have been using and enjoying TubeLister, but I really wanted to be able to save my Playlists. Is there a way that I can save the playlists created with TubeLister?

If a way exists, could you add that to a new version of the extension?

Thank you and have a nice day.

Onur Cubukcu

Sep 14, 2017


I really want to thank you for this time and energy saver extension.
İf you have time to advance this great baby, how about some suggestions.

1.Save this playlist with a name or date.
2. Revome videos from the playlist

have a nice day and thank you

Michael Natrin

Sep 12, 2017

Saving playlists to YouTube account

Is there a way to save a local playlist to your YouTube playlists?

Andrés Giménez

Aug 13, 2017

Not working

Not creating the list with any amount of videos. e.g.

Chrome version 60.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 30, 2017



A Chrome Web Store user

May 15, 2017

Not Responding

The extension had been working vey well but stopped working recently. When I press the button, nothing happens anymore.


Mar 21, 2017

dont work - ?

just installed tubelister. restarted crhome. opened 3 tabs, each a youtube video. clicked the tubelister button next to the address bar. Nothing happens - ?

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