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Jul 23, 2022

Availability on Firefox?

Hello! Is there a possibility that this can be ported over or have a version for Firefox? If not, are there any alternatives there you could recommend?

Nick Boyens

May 3, 2022

Default keybinds

Why on Earth are there keybinds enabled by default? Space pauses/unpauses the stream?! Why?! I can't type in chat anymore PLEASE FIX THIS

I'm Ray

Mar 19, 2022

typing in twitch chat causes use of hotkeys

When typing in twitch chat, it uses some of the keys as keyboard shortcuts for the stream. For example, when Im typing in chat and use the spacebar, it pauses the stream and unpauses it when I use it again. If I type a word with "m" in it, it mutes it. I found when I turned off TTV aderaser, it fixes it, so it lies within the chrome add on I assume.


Feb 10, 2022

Live streaming paused often

Mute button mistakenly considered as pause button by it, so the live streaming get paused often


Oct 15, 2021

Doesn't work any longer. Update?

Hi. Your extension doesn't seem to work any longer. When it is enabled we just get a grey background and the video stream never loads. Any chance for an update to fix this?

Jonny Parker-Yourga

May 29, 2021

Why can this extension view browsing history?

Doesn't seem like that is needed to block ads.

Matthew Pula

May 19, 2021

Reload loop

As of today twitch goes on a reload-loop until I fully disable the add-in in Chrome.


Apr 21, 2021

when ads play(or purple bs screen pops up.

when the purple screen of doom appears. your app shows it, however it then gets temporary turned off? i think? then twitch goes back to its normal site. if you can find a way to block the purple bs and prevent the change to normal twitch please do.


Apr 17, 2021

Twitch Extensions not working


I am experiencing issues with some Twitch extensions. For example, there is a Destiny 2 extension that allows you to see the current streamers armor and weapons. However it doesn't show up when using the TTV AdEraser extension. I've noticed that it mentions this "Destiny 2 Official Extension can only be expanded at larger sizes. Video must be at least 800 pixels wide".

When I disable TTV AdEraser, the issues goes away. What does this mean? How can I view this extension.


Apr 1, 2021

Question about audio compressor

i'm loving your chrome extension, i wanted to know how your audio compressor works, it just boosts up the volume? Or it does something more complicated? It's just a question out of my curiosity. Thank you :)

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