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John B Tefertiller (FuzzyFarAway)

May 4, 2024

Stops Abruptly When Reading Long Text

The app seems to frequently stumble over long sentences when reading selected website text. It often abruptly stops for no apparent reason, when an uninterrupted text segment is too long. If I really need to hear some text selections, I have to manually select and copy/paste the text, then edit in newline/returns to break long sentences into shorter segments. When reading selected text, the app also sometimes fails to recognize sentence/paragraph endings that are there, thus creating the problem above.

There also needs to be better detection of headings/subheads which do not have a full stop at the end. These should be treated as stand-alone sentences so that it doesn't read as if it was part of the following text without a break. A new line within a text selection should be treated as a full stop end of one segment and the new beginning of the next.

Overall, however, this is one of the best browser text readers I have found.

Naomi Jofre

May 4, 2024

como pongo idioma es español


josé Stifanelli

Apr 29, 2024

en fr

en fr

Emiliano Mig

Apr 2, 2024

Se corta la narración

La conectividad a internet es excelente, no está dañado el archivo, no es problema en la reprodución del audio de equipo ni los auriculares.

Se corta la reprodución de la narración sin motivo aparente


Mar 17, 2024

nie działa strona dewelopera

jak wyżej

Melvin Hellstedt

Feb 10, 2024

how do i change to swedish language

Please help

Ranjit Grewal

Jan 30, 2024

add faster speed than just 2.0

more variability

Paulo Zafalon Neto

Jan 19, 2024

When the paragraph dosent have a comma or a dot it will read nonstop until abruptally stop

When the paragraph dosent have a comma or a dot it will read nonstop until abruptally stop

Paul Wanish

Nov 19, 2023

Enhancement for the handicapped

Grandson is incredibly "gifted", but has visual to short term memory problem, He's in sixth grade and still struggles with reading and writing. As we know from Braille, other senses can make up for visual difficult. TTS could easily be adapted to help. The read would not convert to words for speech, rather, read letters (short pause for blank). Listen uses a different sense, and avoids visual problem. Needs 3 features. 1) switch from words to letters, 2) reading speed, 3) tap word (or mouse click) to pronounce the "spell word" being vocalized, before returning to "spell reading".
This feature useful for new readers, but a definite aid to visually handicapped.


Nov 3, 2023

Improvements needed for a better user experience.

Two requests for a better user experience as follows:

(1) Ability to start reading anywhere within webpages by just clicking on any paragraph within the webpage (instead of need to click the forward or rewind arrow buttons, or the relevant paragraph in the popup).

(2) The series of dashes (--------) between paragraphs in the popup are a distraction and should be removed.

Note: This is the second time I'm submitting request no. (1) above.

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