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jeffery s. Inmon

May 26, 2023

having trouble downloading video and photos by usb port

cant download my files


Feb 11, 2022


If there is a file with the same name
I want the file name to be renamed automatically

Sam Brands

May 23, 2021

Publish code to GitHub

Hi, if you no longer intend to maintain this extension, could you please publish the code to GitHub?

bashpr0mpt (ಠ,ಠ)

Jan 12, 2021

Your app stopped working months ago.

Do you have any plans to fix it, or is it dead? :(

Ozan K

Dec 11, 2020

Download issue

Did you throw it in the towel?

Thabang Pitsi

Dec 4, 2020

Extension not maintained

Every time I try to download a video it doesn't respond. And when I try mass download it says extension is not maintained

Max B

Nov 7, 2020

Download button doesn't work

It appears, doesnt download anything

The Vinster

Nov 4, 2020

Mass Download Workaround

Hi Folks,

the mass download function still doesn't work with Chrome, but I have found it works perfectly fine with Microsoft edge.
You just need to Import browser data > Extensions from settings in Edge

Turtle Gonzalez

Nov 2, 2020

Mass Download button is visible/nothing downloads

I click, and click, and tweak settings. Nothing happens. Nothing is mass downloading. This is a significant issue for multiple people. this needs to be fixed asap.

Luc Van devoorde

Nov 2, 2020

downloading tiktokmovies

Hello, sometimes only the last posted tiktok from someone is downloadeble, otherwise nothing.
Klicking the yellow arrow and push download all does still not work at all.

This is going on for several weeks now

Can you please fix this?

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