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Steve Miller

Jan 12, 2024

Add text filter

Amazon loves to expand their searches to include a lot of garbage results. Without Trusty, it's not a big deal since Amazon does a good job of surfacing meaningful results to the top. However, when I use Trusty sort by things like number of reviews or filter by price, a lot of that garbage now floats to the top. One trick is to limit the number of pages to search to lessen the garbage.

I think it would be cool if I could filter results by text in the product title. Maybe even include words and exclude works. Like, maybe I want a specific model number. Or maybe I want a fishing pole but NOT 'fly' fishing.

Steve Miller

Jan 12, 2024

Some results disappear

Occasionally I notice the results don't match the results when not using Trusty, even if all the filters are off and the sort order is the default. I often see some of the top results appear after page one is loaded, but then they disappear as more pages load. For example, this URL searches for a Weather Station. Without Trusty, the first result and Amazon's "Overall Pick" is "Ambient Weather WS-2902". With Trusty, I see that item appear for a second and then disappear. After that, it is nowhere in the Trusty results, regardless of filters or sort order.

Brandon Logan

Nov 21, 2023

New Tabs Opening?

Love the extension, and recently re-added after getting a new computer. However, I've been encountering a recurring problem:
The extension is opening a new, additional tab *every* time an Amazon-provided filter is added to results. (AKA the options on left side of page after searching).

For example, if I search "duct tape" -- I get all my results, along with the Trusty bar at the top as expected. Perfect. But if I then go to add a filter to refine results (such as choosing a particular sub-department, price range, brand(s), product feature, etc etc) each subsequent selection will open a new tab. I've noticed it does NOT happen for "delivery" and "delivery day", but every other category seems to generate a new tab.

This did NOT used to happen even a couple months ago, and none of the available settings seem to be relevant. I've confirmed that the new tab behavior is specific to Trusty, and does not happen when the extension is turned off.

Any ideas to fix?

Tim Costello

Oct 12, 2023

changes the layout of results

few days ago i noticed that the plugin causes the layout of the results to change

Kody Braun

Oct 8, 2023

Feature Request


I think it would be helpful if your price slider also had a minimum price. I would use it when I'm looking for nicer items to filter out the junk. Food for thought!

Hisham Alsmairat

Sep 18, 2023

Doesn't work for the reviews anymore 09/18/23

Most likely because amazon updated their website, the reviews used to be for example 2000, now, if it is that number it is written 2k. so when you insert in the tool 2000 the product with 2k reviews won't appear because the tool would think this is only 2 reviews not 2000.

Kathleen Bailey

Sep 9, 2023

Unable to sort by Review count

All other filters work, just can't "slide" the Review count slider. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Cleared filters and reloaded. Cleared cache and history. Suggestions?

Justin Chaney

Sep 1, 2023


Any chance of bringing this over to Firefox? I used to love your extension but I no longer use chrome. I'd be willing to chip in/"buy you a coffee" to go towards it

Ava Gates

Aug 17, 2023

New Layout Breaks Trusty

Amazon removed the review count from the search results page - is this fixable or is Trusty reliant on that data? The new Amazon data layout is awful!


Jun 11, 2023

Feature suggestions

Great extension that works as promised! I am however missing two features that would make it perfect for my use-case:

* Filter by delivery date to ensure that products fit with rest of carts delivery date.

* For bulk products that also show price per kg, meter etc., choose the unit (kg, meter etc.) and filter by max price per that unit. This would be great for something like bulk ingredients where price per kg is more important than price per product.

Thanks for the extension!

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