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Roberto Koiti Kakubo

Jun 21, 2024

palavras secretas

Em que momento eu insiro as 12 palavras chaves?
O wallet foi aberta sem a inserção das palavras , porquê?

LaShay Johnson

Jun 20, 2024

i need help with my acct. it was working but now what.

some thing isnt right. now what happen.

LaShay Johnson

Jun 20, 2024

it was working but now what.

i need my money now please help it.

Without Limits

Jun 20, 2024

problems with buying currency

bought USDT Tron, the funds were debited from the card and the currency was not sent to the wallet

Nataly Ciobanu

Jun 20, 2024

Money disappeared during transfer to your wallet

Good afternoon,
when transferring a VIC token to your wallet using your link in the wallet, the token was debited from the exchange and went to your address. He did not arrive at your address. There are all transactions and statements recorded in the blockchain. Please provide a support email to resolve this issue. Regards, Oleg


Jun 15, 2024


출금 하려고 합니다. 입금자 지갑주소가 큐알코드 로 카피 되어서 붙여넣기 가 안됩니다.
방법을 알려 주세요...

Paul Watson

Jun 13, 2024

Did you hacked?

I got from your extension some spam message on PC

Сергей Булкин

Jun 11, 2024

can't access with your extension active

having extension version 2.14.0 installed
trying to open
Getting an error:
Cannot read properties of null (reading 'type')
TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'type')
at Di.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://egjidjbpglichdcondbcbdnbeeppgdph/inpage.js:200:122709)
at (<anonymous>)
at Pe (chrome-extension://egjidjbpglichdcondbcbdnbeeppgdph/inpage.js:200:121668)

Rafael Lima

Jun 10, 2024

Tokens perdidos

Tenho tokens em minha carteira de visualização, porém quero enviar para a carteira principal, como fazer ?

Sergey Sarkisov

Jun 7, 2024


Мне нужен TRUST WALLET на моем ноутбуке. Это нужно для работы с токенами и криптовалютами. Как это сделать?
I need TRUST WALLET on my laptop. This is necessary to work with tokens and cryptocurrencies. How to do it?

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