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Mog Gog

Aug 24, 2023

Colors not accurate, even on TCI website

Hello! I downloaded this extension and was excited to use it, but I was surprised to see some results it was giving, so I tried it on the TCI colour palletes and it showed many of the colors in a pallette as belonging to completely different palletes. I'm sure there are many factors behind this, but I thought you might want to be aware of this.

Kate Schroeder

Aug 6, 2023

Extension doesn't open

Hi! I've installed the extension and paid for my subscription but when I open a website the extension doesn't work. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and Google Chrome is up-to-date (Version 115.0.5790.170).

Katrina Cammack

Jun 10, 2023

Extension won't open

Hi, recently the extension stopped working. I will click on the extension to open it, but nothing happens. I've removed it and re-added it, but still have the same problem. I can't get the extension to open up.

Pernilla Krantz

May 10, 2023

Can't get it working.

I have installed this and have made an account via treucolourinternatiols site. When I try to log in, it says (Can't find that email or password). I am not able to add this to my cart from the website either, it shows there is 0 products of this plugin if that is the problem. I am not sure.

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