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David Rojas Elbirt

Sep 15, 2016

Dedicated at least 1 hour to set it right and didn't work

I tried all possible combinations. The dates would stay in black.
I disabled all other extensions, restarted Chrome, and still had the same problemas.

Luís Rodrigues

Aug 17, 2016

Same color for my due dates

Firstly I guess a week or two ago, when I installed the app, everything was working fine. Now I've tried to disable other extensions to find out where the following bug is: all the colors of the due dates are the same even having different patterns chosen in the extension.

I guess this is the same issue as Stan exposed previously.

Stan Fuller

May 13, 2016

Not workin' for me...

I must have too many other enhancements enabled or something. This extension highlights ALL my dates with the last color in the list.


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