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A Chrome Web Store user

May 10, 2017

Repeated sign in


As others have noted, this app requires a sign in each time - is there an intention to add a "remember me" option?

Otherwise, love this app - really great!


Stephen LaMorte

Mar 21, 2017

Sign In each Time?


I really like using this app, but it forces me to sign in each time I close it - is there some sort of fix to this?


Michael Powe

Jan 11, 2017

Other Extensions

It appears that for some reason the Trello app turns on all other extensions in Chrome. I have about 1.5 dozen or so, but I keep most of them turned off when I'm not using them. Extensions for debugging web sites, for example.

When I run the Trello app, every single other extension is running in the background, not just the 3-4 I have enabled. It's a huge resource suck. It also can have unexpected side effects, as today when the Adobe DTM debugger was turned on in staging mode, causing me a minor freakout, when I thought traffic I was debugging was being sent to the wrong server. This situation is really not good.

I like the app, I hope you can do something about this.

Jakub “j4n3z” Janeček

May 4, 2016

Password saving

Everytime I run this App, I need to login. It would be great if Trello App could save my password and login automaticaly. Thank you

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