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Miloš Milutinovic

Feb 1, 2024

Still problem is not solved


Do you have any information when you expect to fix this problem?
This extension is exellent and make me to be much faster


Meg Hillmann

Nov 13, 2023

Still not working

Hello Trellist friends!
I would so much appreciate a fix to this extension. It makes my life about 600x better and I miss it!

Miloš Milutinovic

Oct 29, 2023

Trellist don't work


I have problems with Trellist!
Until few days ago everything work perfectly and for no reason it stoped.
I don't have posibility to check name list on board witch I want to be seen.
I restart Trello, my lap top but nothing happens.

Can you help me with this?

Looking for your reply

Ytzen Lont

Oct 25, 2023

Trellists stopped working

Trellists is an essential tool for me. It stopped working (due to a Trello or Chrome update). Hopefully there's a solution soon. Thx!

Flavio Junior

Oct 24, 2023

Stopped working

A few days ago the extension stopped working. Is there an upgrade planned?

Debra Duncan

Oct 23, 2023

this has stopped working

can you help?

Reserva Auto78

Oct 20, 2023


Da semana passada pra cá a extensão deixou de funcionar em nossos usuários!
Ela é de TOTAL IMPORTÂNCIA para o seguimento do uso do TRELLO.
Qual a previsão de reestabelecimento do uso??
Aguardo retorno

Giuseppe Magro

Oct 20, 2023

not working

As many users have reported, the extension no longer works. It's really very useful! Can you restore it?

Karen Fagan

Oct 16, 2023

Stopped working

As other users have described, this extension has suddenly stopped working for me. It is a key part of my workflow so hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thank you!

Meredith Boylan

Oct 13, 2023

Extension no longer working

This extension stopped working for me a couple days ago. Troubleshooting (including clearing the browser cache, which someone here said had saved the problem for them) has not helped. I have two other extensions (Collapsible Trello Lists and List Highlighter) that stopped working again at the same time. This is very frustrating . . .

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