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Stanley Hagler

Apr 4, 2022

moving my dropbox files to my email address

I am an old veteran who would like U to move my dropdox files to my email address at tks for ur antisipated cooperation.

Bill Sigafoos

Feb 16, 2021

Move dropbox off of mac drive

dropbox is taking up too much space on my hard drive Can I Move it to the cloud

Jens Hansen

Mar 24, 2020

Transfer to Google Drive / Fotos

Having installed the MultCloud Chrome AddOn and clicking on it to transfer from Dropbox to Google nothing happens but "No task..." or, after a right-click and choosing "Transfer to Google Drive" the addon installation site of the chrome web store opens again :-(

Jacob Encines

Aug 16, 2019

Sync from DRIVE to DROPBOX

just making sure that the service is available to sync in either direction as it only states that you can sync from DROPBOX to DRIVE, our question is can we Sync existing documents from DRIVE to DROPBOX?

Griffin Bonnin Jones

Jul 19, 2019

File Converting

When I press the blue cloud to transfer a Dropbox file to Google Drive, it says "No task, create one please!" What do I need to do for it to work properly? Thank you!

Sam Carter

Mar 25, 2019

Your website has been malfuntioning for at least 4 weeks

Your website needs fixed. Obviously your users are experiencing troubles since several have commented on this. This is poor poor service.

Geoff Cook

Feb 23, 2019

Website is greyed out and I can't select any options.after logging in.

After I close the promotion pop up, the website is greyed out and I can't select any options. Ad blocker has been disabled.

Fabrice Portes

Feb 17, 2019

does not work greyed out after promotion pop up

Can't do anything on my chromebook with this. All options greyed out.

Adam Stephens

Feb 13, 2019

Website becomes inactive after signup

If I don't choose a paid option when signing up, the website becomes greyed out and inactive. Nothing works. I've seen this comment multiple times, so this is obviously common. Is there a solution?

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 4, 2019

Website Locked

When I exit the MultCloud Special Offer box the website remains grey'd out and unaccessible.

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