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An app to convert audio/video to text effortlessly. Supports automatic transcription, dictation and self transcription.

*** Update *** As of Oct 2018, we now support automatic transcription in select languages for well recorded audio. This has been a long-standing ask from our users and we're finally able to offer it thanks to recent advances in speech recognition research. Prior to Oct 2018, Transcribe was an app that primarily helped make manual transcription faster and less painful with dictation and a tightly integrated editor and player. We still offer this workflow (called self-transcription) if your audio has background noise or has frequent interruptions. Read on to find out more. ***WHAT DOES IT DO?*** Transcribe makes transcription of audio and video recordings a breeze. If you have been struggling by switching back and forth between your audio player and word processor - Transcribe will make life much simpler for you! Increase your productivity & save mountains of time when converting your interviews, audio notes, lectures, speeches, podcasts and any recorded speech to text. Our customers use Transcribe in 3 different ways: 1. **NEW** Convert audio to text with automatic transcription If you have clear audio/video recordings in one of these languages: English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish? Our state-of-the-art machine transcription converts your audio to text in minutes, with close to 90% accuracy. 2. Convert your speech to text via fast & accurate dictation Put on your headphones, load your audio, slow it down and speak out what you hear. It's that simple. Our dictation engine will convert your speech to text on the fly. This is way faster than typing. We support English, Spanish, French, Hindi and almost all other European & Asian languages. This is helpful if your audio/video has a lot of background noise or interruptions. 3. Slow down audio & transcribe fast using our tightly integrated player & editor When all else fails and you have to transcribe manually, you can still save time using our workflow tools. You can slow down your audio, auto-loop it, use the built-in text-expander or even use a foot pedal. This is still way faster than using a traditional Media Player and a Word processor. ***FEATURED ON*** TheNextWeb: "If you ever have a need to transfer an audio recording into text format, you’ll likely love this little Chrome Web app... And it’s so incredibly simple to use... I used this app for the first time this week and, well, it was a godsend." - Transcribe: An awesome audio-transcription Web app for Chrome ( "If you record interviews and play them back later to transcribe them this is a must have app. It gets round the problem of playing audio in one application (such as iTunes) and then writing in a text document." - Ten free apps in the Chrome web store that journalists should know about ( Start SAVING your TIME with Transcribe. Here are a few other features that would make your life easier: ** Self Transcription ** * Nifty keyboard shortcuts - to pause, slow-down, speed-up, rewind or fast-forward the audio clip and insert timestamps. * Auto-saves your transcribed text with locally in your browser. * Works offline - you don't need an Internet connection to use Transcribe! Just click on the Transcribe icon on the Chrome New Tab page anytime, or visit and the Transcribe app will open. (Dictation and Automatic Transcription still require an internet connection since the recognition is done server-side). * Text you type into the editor does not leave your computer. The audio you load into the integrated self-transcription editor is played locally from your computer. * Foot pedal integration for hands-free control of the audio player when editing your transcript. * Built-in automatic text expander - define acronyms for frequently used words and phrases. Transcribe will automatically expand these templates to their full-form as you type along. ** Automatic Transcription ** * You control your data. Delete your auto-transcription doc and have it be completely deleted from our servers. * Have our engine insert timestamps automatically * Identify different speakers in the transcript * Trim your audio/video file to only transcribe select portions of your recording * Generate a preview before transcribing the whole file. *** Contact *** We would love to hear from you regarding any feedback/issues - email us: contact[at]wreally[dot]com For updates, stay tuned to: If you found Transcribe useful, please do rate us below - and let your friends and colleagues know!

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Hamed HojjatApr 2, 2021

Waste of time!

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Joe BlazekNov 15, 2020

Sucks, do not use!!!

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AREL ELLAJul 17, 2020

the 'free' trial period is not free at all and gives only a very brief sentence review. you have to purchase to view the so-called free offer. deceptive and time wasting to lure people to register for accounts.

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    January 20, 2019
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