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Julie Giles

Apr 25, 2023


please fix the history

Trent Walkiewicz

Feb 5, 2023

Quick fix for anyone comfortable modifying javascript

Did a little debugging and found a simple fix:

On the first line of "history-sync.js", change the expression e.buildIdentifier=r.buildIdentifier to e.buildIdentifier="mre"

This can either be done using the chrome debugging tools (this modification needs to be made each time you reload the page), or by making a copy of your local version of the extension, modifying the "history-sync.js" file, and then loading the extension in developer mode (change only needs to be made once)

Instructions for modifying an extension and loading in developer mode:

Instructions for modifying the source file in development tools:
1. Open Chrome dev tools
2. Go to the history page of the Traktflix plugin (the one that's failing)
3. Go to the "sources" tab of the developer tools
4. Open the history-sync.js file (it's in js > history-sync.html)
5. Add a breakpoint at line #1
6. Refresh the page
5. When the breakpoint trips, change the expression e.buildIdentifier=r.buildIdentifier to e.buildIdentifier="mre"
6. ctrl-s to save the file
7. Resume execution in the debugger
8. Things should work now! You'll need to repeat these steps every time you refresh the page

Bob M Aldis

Jan 8, 2023

Broken Chrome Extn

This hasn't worked for a little while, I'm wondering whether it is still being maintained or should I just remove it ?

Francien Berndsen

Oct 26, 2022

Is not working anymore

Unfortunately the extension is not working anymore. I only get error messages. See my review.

Staff At Martins E.S.P.

Oct 22, 2022

app not working

app seems not to work anymore says failed to retrive history all of a sudden ? am i missing something ? Thanks for your help ...

Victor Carlsson

Jan 6, 2022


What are all the APIs a streaming service like Netflix needs to get it synchronized to I know some guys at Disney+ and I thought Ill try to get them to add stuff so someone at a later time can create a extension like this so we can get it synced to trakt.

Michiel Hesselink

Dec 27, 2020

Netflix history won't sync with

I have maybe a lot of history from Netflix to import?
Anyway the "scrobbler" can't get past page 151, it keeps loading that...and then nothing.
I don't intend to import every page separately, so is there an alternate solution?
Thank you! :)

Rodrigo Ayam

Oct 26, 2020

Notifications not working

Also I checked the notifications option but it made 0 difference.

Rodrigo Ayam

Oct 26, 2020

Add episode score

Hello, loved the ideia, just thought it would be nice if you put some more options like to set the score for the episode, go directly to the page and stuff.

Peter Mello

Jul 7, 2020

Fails to sync watch time

I haven't kept up on any updates to the Trakt API, but as of late (the last couple months, roughly) TraktFlix is successful at syncing my Netflix history to Trakt except for the watch time; all episodes appear on Trakt with the Release Date as the time I viewed them. Seeing as that's my default on Trakt for watched items using the Checkmark button, I would surmise that it's something as simple as a syntax error that's causing the API to reject the timestamp provided by TraktFlix and thus reverting to my default. Let me know if you need further help reproducing the issue or debugging it further.

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