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TradingView Alerts to MT4/MT5

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Victor Muhoro

Feb 25, 2024

Error of Download Error: Could Not Unzip

Error of Download Error: Could Not Unzip

hassan tatya

Sep 16, 2023


Does it support the close on reverse, when a sell signal is received, open buy position will be closed followed by a corresponding sell position opening for each pair and vice-versa .
does it take the tp and sl automatically ?
best regard

Kevin jackson

Jun 19, 2023

Extension is not working

I'm running into an error with chrome extension that's preventing it from running the way it needs to.

Mr proavaze

May 8, 2023


hi... eroro exitions not authorized... why??


Feb 27, 2023


Hi does it works on Bybit?

Alberto El Mongue

Dec 5, 2022

My subscription has stopped working.

Hi friend,
My subscription has stopped working.
He says
undefined license
Can you help me.

kelnet chane

Jul 19, 2022


the extension disconnects very often, what to do to fix the problem

Yaakov Zellman

Jul 8, 2021

mature content


Hi can you please explain to me why it says "mature content" in the extension details?

Bharath Sankar

Jun 17, 2021

How do i buy this product

I am not able to find how to make purchase. please send me the details to


Mehmet Yetis

May 17, 2021

Trading Connector full olmuyor

Pro sürüm başlattım trading connector full olmuyor yardımcı olurmusunuz

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