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Mel Tosado

Mar 31, 2023

Time Dissappears

I had a whole week of time and it disappeared. How do I get it back?

Karen Russell

Nov 7, 2022

Is there an update we can download to continue using after December or will this app be completely discontinued?

I keep getting notifications that this app will not work after December...

Mark Hager

Oct 7, 2022

Extension on Chromium (Linux)

I've used your extension for quite some time on Chrome (Windows). For the life of me, I can't get it to show up in Chromium. Is there something I'm missing?


Aug 25, 2022

Privacy Practices - Data collection

I am greatly surprised to read that collects personally identifiable information (name, address, age..) and even authentication data such as passwords. Really??? Why?
If you confirm that the above is true, then this extension is unfit for use in a corporate environment, fullstop.

Fernando Martínez

Mar 25, 2022

Link in MS Planner integration lost

I'm using MS Planner integration and since last week, I don't see the TrackingTime button on the top of the task and I can't start tracking.
Have you planned solve this error?

Layla Kollie

May 18, 2021

trying to use vendoo

i am having trouble connecting to the different platfroms, mecari, facebook, i was able to connect to ebay

Katy Marks

Jan 24, 2021

Integrating with Asana

Hello, I am using TrackingTime button integrated within Asana for us to track the time each of our team members spend on our projects. We've installed the TrackingTime button all fine but then when we go to input the time spent on each project, it asks us to 'create a new project'. The whole point of integrating with Asana is that we can assign time to projects that we already have set up and that the whole team can see rather than create new project titles just for the time tracking function. Please can you let us know how we should do this?

Jack Au

Dec 17, 2020

stp all the add

when I use computer add just pop up

Luis Luna

Jun 15, 2020

App doesnt work

I paid premium for this app and it doesn't work like it was advertised. The play button does not appear on gmail or google calendar

chris goodman

May 24, 2020

my router block what can i do about it ?

when i go to long in it tel me know the router id out of rng and it block on it .

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