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Ринат Ягудин

Aug 19, 2022


Hello! Installed your TrackCheck extension for SoundCloud. But it doesn't work. Writes: sonicAPI service is temporarily not available. Please try again later

Kage of the hidden village

Apr 23, 2022

Sorry, task failed!

The trackcheck isn't working. anytime i try to use it I'm met with an error message and a phrase that says " sonicAPI service is temporarily not available. Please try again later"


Apr 17, 2022


Hey there, is this extension still working? "API currently not reachable" always comes up when i try to use it on any song.

Sam Palfery

Jan 8, 2021


Hi there,

I’m building a music focused social media/e-commerce site. I like your integration with Soundcloud, I notice you said it could be integrated with a few lines of code?

If I wanted to integrate this into my website, would that be possible?

Many thanks,


Vedran Perešin

Feb 6, 2020


Having problems with it lately, is it still being supported?

Xijax Web

Sep 12, 2019

Find tracks with similar tempo

Find tracks with similar tempo - Sorry, no results... Has it ever worked?

Richard Banucha

Oct 30, 2018


How do you make it work?
How do you load a sound file?

Johanness “Jø” Nilsson

May 31, 2018

non functional

does not work with current Soundcloud / Chrome.

Liam Budnik

Feb 16, 2018

Not Working

Nothing is coming up for me when I am on soundcloud

Rob Barron

Dec 8, 2017

doesn't appear at all

thought this was a great idea and concept but have tried a few different things including reinstalling updating etc etc and can't get it to show up for me at all. 12/8/17

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