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Yogeshwar Patil

Jul 4, 2022


ATOTP app was working fine in old cell phone. after started using new cell phone now observed the app is not working. Kindly support

Neil Judell

Nov 19, 2020

Extension doesn't work?

Just purchased TOTP Auth for Android. Have it set up for the extension, pushed all my accounts to the extension. When I open the extension, log into Google account, it says: "Fetching data. Your accounts will show up here at any moment." And that never stops. No accounts in the extension.

C S. (C.J.)

Nov 16, 2020

What is this?

I can't stay synced or logged in on Google. This is supposed to be some sort of assistance. I put it on my computer, followed the VERY brief setup. It asks me to have some sort of backup or sync location (?). That means more of my data will be out there to be potentially hacked. Numbers start changing on my phone, so it did something I think. I put the extension on my computer and started it. It says "Fetching data. Your account(s) will show up here any moment." That was hours ago and nothing has happened. I start going through the support and it looks like you want money for some feature to get it to work?!?!?!?! Look, this is Google's fault for locking down their security on a computer that stays in my house and a phone I keep in my pocket. I don't need more sucky security, especially if you want me to pay, and even more if more people are getting my data?!?!?! Is this the right decision to put more of my information on the internet to be stolen? That seems like putting your kid outside on a rope so you can catch the wolf. Plus, nothing happened. I have no idea if anything is more secure, logged in, or if my initial problem of staying logged in is fixed.
I'm not buying anything including that this does anything, but I am giving you a chance to explain what this is supposed to do, if I have it setup correctly (including a way of verifying that it is working), and that there is some reassurance that I am safer by explaining how it better protects my data over a password. Yes, I read your site to see who you are and what you do. I read the support area many times and it was too general and vague. On my part, I've done what I can. If it is good and it is what you can verify, I'll buy it and tell others.

Ralph Sesso

Sep 29, 2020

Trouble getting the app to use my email account it defaults to an other email

How do I change email accounts

cashmere hotel

Apr 6, 2020

how can i solve this?

[No Account pushed. Kindly push the new code from app.]

this message showed up after i logged in with my google account.
i tried to re-login but still remain the same.

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