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Steve Desi

May 29, 2023

my Pro subscription does not work?

I just purchased the Pro version yesterday with uTorrent. I did install it on my other browser, so can I unstall it in Explorer and reapply the Web Pro license key on my Chrome browser?
Or do I really have to pay another $20.00 for a sub for Chrome extension???


Phil Bell

Dec 9, 2021

Stopped working?

Been using the extension in Opera and Chrome for a couple of years now and all of a sudden it has stopped working in both. Tried uninstalling and re installing and cleared cache in both browsers but no good??

claudio SILVA (C-silva)

Jul 28, 2017


existe alguma extensao para opera

Mukesh Chhugani

May 15, 2017



Sandy Taylor

Nov 3, 2016

Right click extension missing

Have been downloaded using the right click extension perfectly up until now. The extension is now no longer showing when you right click on the magnet. Have restarted the PC, it still shows that it is added to chrome yet not working. Please advise

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