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Philip Terry

Aug 23, 2023

No filename or metainfo specified error

When I click on a torrent link I get an error of No Filename or Meta Info specified. Is there a config issue or am I doing something wrong?

Rami Kattan

Feb 19, 2023

Latest Transmission v4, torrent are added in "pause" state

After I updated to Transmission v4.0.0 new torrent magnets added with the right click are added in the pause state, any idea how to fix?

Ger Senden

Sep 13, 2022

Using a URL instead of an IP adress

TLDR; dynamic IP adresses are solved with dynamic DNS. The extension cannot deal with URL's, only IP adresses.

Right now the extension only allows IP adresses. This is fine if you want to use it locally, but if you want to expose transmission to the outside world, it would be very nice to use an address. When you are home hosting transmission you have to deal with dynamic IP adresses. The way to do that is with a dynamic DNS service.

Thank you in advance!

alex cos

May 13, 2021

local host url

what do i type in for localhost for transmission

Joseph Botosh

Mar 9, 2021

The red 0/0 numbers are annoying

The little red box showing the number of torrents is distracting. It is red, so it attracts attention. Either make it another color, or add option to not display it at all.

Mikel Davis

Apr 5, 2020

Can't get it to work with torrents

....Can't get it to work with torrents

Mike Cunningham

Jan 29, 2020

Doesn't work with "site access" restricted settings

It seems that if you set "site access" to either "on click" or "on specific sites" then the extension won't start properly even when clicked or on the listed sites.

Anderson Santos

Feb 14, 2019



Could you please update this extension to support https?
You only have to update the permissions in the manifest with "https://*/".


Van Nguyen

Nov 5, 2018

Can't send .torrent file

Hi there,

Great extension! though I can send magnet urls fine, having problems with actual torrent files. It keeps on saying invalid or corrupt torrent file even though I have enabled "Send .torrent file". Can you please look into this?


Ben Coerced

Oct 16, 2017

keeps getting "Error: no response"

I've setup the port etc. that works for other transmission plug ins, but not this one.

Any idea how to test/check the reason(S)?

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