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Tristan Gallet

Jun 21, 2024

ruttorrent 4.3

Can't add a torrent on rutorrent 4.3.X, i've got : failed to fetch torrent. Using Transdroid on my android phone is ok.

Darrell Ping

Sep 16, 2022

Failed to add Torrent (Magnet Link)

Every other time I try to right click add torrent it fails. I do it again and its successful. Curious if this extension still being worked on? Hope so its a great option!

K McLellan

Mar 22, 2021

Version 0.2.15 not working with qBittorrent?

Unfortunately version 0.2.15 isn't working with qBittorrent for me (magnet links). I changed the url for the qBittorrent server and that worked briefly but that trick is no longer working. I am using qBittorrent version 4.2.5 on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS.. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks for everything! I really appreciate your efforts!

Devon Kelly

Jul 18, 2020

401 Error with Flood

Hey there,

When I add a magnet, it'll give me a 401 error in a badly formatted message.

Dan Heatherly

Jul 18, 2020

update broke with qbittorrent

Since the update to 0.2.12 qbittorrent linking is failing.

Generous Salmon

Jul 18, 2020

Qbittorrent 2.5 add torrent errors

When adding a torrent here the server responds with a 403 Unauthenticated. This is bizarre because the auth call that happens before this returns a 200 OK with the username and password.

Brandon Gehrlein

Jul 16, 2020

qBittorent no longer works?

As of this new version I am no longer able to add magnet torrents via right click. Left clicking the extension icon brings up the UI correctly. qBittorent v4.2.5. Torrent Clipper 0.2.12

Tamás Illés

Jul 16, 2020

failed to add torrent

Unfortunately the torrent clipper 0.2.12 not works with my qbittorrent 4.2.5 server anymore.
When i trying to add any torrent to my downloads i getting failed to add torrent error message.
The previous versions worked well with the same config but something wrong with the latest version.
Please help!

Stavros Kois

Apr 25, 2020

Can't get right click to work

I doesn't catch right click on magnets, i have to left click and "Add Torrent" to add it on qBittorrent.
"Catch Torrent URLs" is enabled.
Am i missing smthng?!


Apr 10, 2020

Allow us to direct torrents to different client/server in context menu

At the moment you must right click on the icon in the extension area to select the server, would be nice to be able to do this from the right click context menu when clicking on the torrent link.

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