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Kaedon Thao

Jul 30, 2017

Bigger Houses....Bigger Guns!!

Dear, developers

I really love this game, but it could be MUCH MORE BETTER! I would love to see more guns, for example, add a shotgun that sprays bullets!!!! Also, Bigger buildings, more powerups, and more objectives! I would really love you guys to add a currency!!! For example, add coins, so each round you finish the numbers after the three zeros are how many coins u get, 50,000 pts=50 coins. You could use these coins to buy better guns, and better characters! Also, you should add dungeons and more bosses! I LOVE this game and to see these ideas come to life, would just be simply amazing! 5+ stars!

Michael Payne

May 31, 2016

upgrade the game

I am not able to get to the upgraded game?

Noufa Fahad

May 29, 2016


little more improvement

Noufa Fahad

May 29, 2016


best game ever i have played

Héctor Rodolfo Labella

Apr 20, 2016


Por favor....escribir en
CASTELLANO (no leo inglés)

Vineela Rani

Oct 17, 2015



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