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Dec 29, 2023

Отступ от края экрана

Функция отступа от края экрана поломана. Если ее активировать и указать значение 30, например, то иконки сдвигаются, но область их срабатывания - нет.

Shayne Jardine

Apr 11, 2023

Doesn't Work in Google Docs

For work I use Google Docs and I have files that are hundreds of pages I need to go through and would like the buttons to work on here but they do not show up. Is there any fix I can apply to have them work in Google Docs? Thanks so much for your work btw, use it everyday!

Kris Young

May 20, 2021

Speed of scroll

Is it possible to adjust the speed of the scroll?


May 16, 2020


please add in options to put arrows in bottom right corner ans make rounded and add colors too and make bit faster smooth up rate

Lucian Andries

May 12, 2020


Hello, are you still active?
Please add a few things: The option to move it to bottom right corner. The option to change color or icon model, or both. The option to make it smaller than 25 percent. And please reduce the distance for it to show up when mouse cursor is nearby, reduce it to 50%. Please please please?? Other than that it's simple, yet great!


Feb 8, 2018

Cant find them

I cant find them i went into the setting and made them as big as possible and i can not find them

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