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Amber McKee

Dec 26, 2023

Tab list deleted

My suspended tabs were all deleted. Is there any way to get them back? I don't know what caused it, but I am so frustrated and upset.


Nov 24, 2022

Enlarge the close out (x)? More contrast maybe?

Hi, I really love TooManyTabs. One issue constantly plagues me though:
For whatever reason my hands are shaky af, no clue why; I'd check WedMD, but it would probably just tell me that I have cancer...
I digress, this makes me miss the x button all the time. Instead I'll accidentally click the tab itself and that will cause the TMT menu to close out and Chrome to switch to that tab. If there was an option to have a close out button that's slightly larger, that would be extremely helpful.

Also, if I'm not annoying enough already, if there was a setting to have a higher contrast between the x button and the tab, that would also be nice.

Thank you!

Maurice Malek

May 17, 2022

Removing this extension

Can't get rid of TooManyTabs from Iridium 2021.06 (Official Build) (x86_64) for Mac OS X. Please tell me how to delete it as harmlessly as possible.

Chetan Choudhary

Mar 2, 2022

Not optimize and properly work on kiwi

One tab extension is better than this. Because it isn't provide optimized layout on kiwi-browser
kiwi-browser running on most updated chromium. Basically we need to provide collect error permission to make it work like other common tab manager extension.

Nick Drexel

Dec 23, 2021

Why can't I see the picture of what the website looks like?

I've clicked the white plus sign and still no images. I've deleted and reloaded the extension and still no images of the websites. Anything else I should try? Thank you so much for whoever created this extension

susan brown

Nov 27, 2021

Deleting/shutting tabs

When I open my page of tabs, do i need to shut each tab separately , can i shut a whole page down ?

Павел Азаров

Nov 25, 2021

Цвет значка

Здравствуйте. Когда значок расширения с числом вкладок имеет жёлтый цвет, то белый шрифт не виден. Например, когда 29 вкладок, на жёлтом фоне не видно белое число 29. Можно это изменить?


May 29, 2021

how can show my tabs in several rows? Is that possible?

I have a lot of pages I want to have open all the time, each page in a tab. How can I do that?

Supat Pookpan

Apr 12, 2021

Need Cloud Save

Need cloud save feature to save tabs from any machines in one place under own account.


Mar 5, 2021

in french

je suis francais

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