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A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 10, 2017


how to find captcha tool box

sankar gr

Oct 26, 2016

tool button does not show

I am not getting my extension tool in extension bar

Danielle May

Aug 4, 2016

Tools Button does not show

As it says in the subject line I have installed and there is no Tools button at the top of the page.


Feb 7, 2016

Not working

Just as everyone else has described. I loved it

El D.A.

Nov 15, 2015

Don't see it...

I added this to Chrome, but it doesn't show in my mturk account.

Brian Gibson

Sep 20, 2015

Non working app

I just installed so I went to mturk to try it out. I saw the tools box on top. So I refreshed page because it didn't look like the whole icon was there. After refresh it disappeared and now nothing from the app shows.

dominic wilcox

Jun 7, 2015

not working

It just stopped working for me. I do not see the tools icon anymore. I have un installed it and reinstalled it and it still does not work.

Nirmal Bharathy

Jan 6, 2014

Not Working

I installed this application. but it not works in my browser

John Inba Raj

Nov 27, 2013

Not working

Its Not working on my browser

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