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Timothy Nguyen

May 14, 2019

Cannot view a word by itself. It sometimes sticks particles to it like 나는. It is "I + subject particle"

I get "flying violet" for 나는. I wish there was a way to view certain words by itself. When I hover over a word, it doesn't do anything. I have to double click it, but I can't highlight a certain section


Mar 27, 2018

Won't load on Chrome

Hi, I love this app, but I'm having trouble enabling it on Chrome. It doesn't seem to work on any page except the Toktogi test page. No other sites activate the pop up dictionary. Is there a way to enable it fully? Thank you!

Ha Duy

Feb 16, 2017


for the beginning i hope this it's will be update romanji reading function in next version.
thank you.

kamiel choi

Feb 11, 2016


it would be great to hold down a key (CTRL) to select longer phrases to retrieve their meaning.

Thanks for a great tool!

Sophia Poon

Sep 18, 2015

Its a great extension

This is a really nice extension. I think it would be better if you added pronunciations on how to say the word as well!

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