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Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout

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Wynona Beshears

Feb 25, 2022

too many pervs with nudity

I want to uninstall but no extentions ar elisted for chrome or firefox

Wynona Beshears

Feb 25, 2022

want to remove it

I want to remove hangouts but theres no listing for its extention

Cristina Carrasquillo

Mar 16, 2020

not working for me

lost with how to use google hang outs

Trevor warren

Aug 5, 2019

pc setup problems

im having a hard time toggle fullscreen setup

Matt Guzman

Feb 2, 2016

Doesnt work

The extension when added is grayed out like it is not active. Cannot get to full screen.

Alex Rothberg

Apr 28, 2015

Source code available?

Source code available?

Walid Ben Slimane

Mar 30, 2015

Didn't work

it didn't work

Alycia Basile

Feb 12, 2015

Adjust font size

The zoom on my hangout extension is so large that it's unusable. I've tried adjusting the browser zoom, but that doesn't work. Any suggestions?

jeanne goloub

Feb 9, 2015

chat preview window

and workspace, sharing window, other options fullscreen would be awesome

jeanne goloub

Feb 9, 2015

not working now

pls help

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