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Jemma Fairclough-Haynes

Mar 26, 2024

Intergrating with Capsule CRM

How do I intergrate Toggle with Capsule CRM

Maya Sheinberger

Mar 20, 2024

לא מצליחה להוריד את התוסף

רושם לי הודעת שגיאה בהורדה

Ivan Lukyanets

Jan 22, 2024

Update integration Clickup 3.0

Hi there!
After upgrading Clickup to the new version 3.0, the integration with Toggl does not work. It's really sad. Please update the integration.

Alister Thomson

Jan 3, 2024

Toggle chrome extension not loading on my Macbook air M2

When i try to load the Toggle chrome extension i get an error: "Package is invalid 'CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE'.

Todd Wilson

Dec 2, 2023

No Pomodoro ticking sound option (AGAIN)

I first reported this problem in connection with version 3.0.10 last June (see my post below). Since then, I've had several email interactions with customer support telling me that it is a known reversion and that it will be corrected by the development team in an upcoming release. Since then, I've waited through 17 (!) new versions, and still the problem has not been fixed. I have been patient, as requested, but I can't see why it's taking long to revert a change that was already working in an earlier version.

In fact, as I pointed out a couple of times, the old ticking option can still be seen in the current support documentation: Scroll down to the Pomodoro Options section of that document and take a look at the screenshot shown there, which clearly includes the ticker option, and now compare that to the current options screen, which doesn't have that option.

Can a developer please add this change to the next release or explain why this cannot be done, especially since the code for this still exists in the shipped codebase but has been deactivated for some reason?

Benoit V

Oct 9, 2023

Extension now asks access to browsing history

The extension has been disabled by Chrome because it now asks for access to all browsing history, which is a bit too much for the purpose of this extension.

Do you plan to revert this change?

Dan Anstis

Oct 3, 2023

Lag on Asana

I have been using this plugin for years, but recently (last 4-5 months) it has been lagging very badly when I click the toggl button in Asana. It lags about every second click for about 10-15 seconds.

Muhammad Khan

Sep 28, 2023

Chrome Extensin wont start

When I start the Chrome extension it goes off immediately by itself and does not stay on. Please assist

Mrtvy Kenny

Sep 26, 2023

not synchronized on multiple desktops / browsers

Hi, I use multiple desktops on MacOS, with multiple browsers opened. If I rename the task in Desktop 1, i switch to Desktop 2 with other window of browser running and have a look at the running task, *sometimes* it has still the old name.
If I look at toggl website, the title is changed correctly there, also everything is ok in Desktop 1, where the renaming was done.

This has not happened before, now it is just not reliable, sometimes it will get renamed, sometimes not, I do not see the pattern when this happens yet..

Faye Lomente

Jul 13, 2023

Allow keyboard tab key and arrow keys to navigate through the project list

In the earlier versions, i can use the tab key and arrow keys to navigate through the list of projects when filling up the details of my timer. Now, i cannot do it and have to reach to my mouse.

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