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Reginald Musimbe

Apr 21, 2024

installation failure

left the tobii months back when I failed to install it. came back again today still having the same same issues


Nov 20, 2023

The extension is causing frequent freezing and hang-ups in Chrome

Ever since I started using the Tobii to surf the web I have been having issues with Chrome tabs becoming unresponsive, pages freezing and infinitely loading etc. The Task Manager is telling me the CPU is at 100% sometimes which is crazy because I have a i9700K and 1Gbps FTTP internet.

Thomas Calamaras

Dec 29, 2022

Cant get the Eye tracker to work with the Chrome app

I cant get the chrome app to see that my eye tracker is installed.
The tracker works perfekt with all other stuff but not with the chrome extension.
What can I do? I have reinstalled the extension and the eye tacker many times now. I did leave the tracker off for many hours aswell but still dosent work.

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