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To-do List Chrome Extension - A free to-do list app and task manager right in your browser. Organize tasks, boost your productivity.

Many to-do list apps have excessive features like reminders, calendars, notifications, stickers, making it difficult to stay focused and get things done. We designed daily to-do list chrome extension to eliminate distractions. Use just one to-do list to concentrate on today's tasks. Check off completed tasks to see your progress. Review and search through your previous accomplishments. Simple and effective. Are you tired of struggling to track your tasks, meet deadlines, and stay organized? That's why you should use a To-do list chrome extension. We know, that to-do list applications might be too complex! So, we introduce you to our simple and minimalist chrome todo list extension. ❓ What is a to-do list chrome extension? A to-do list app is a tool used to organize tasks and helps to track tasks based on a specific time limit. Thus, the advantage of using a to-do list is that it is helpful to track and prioritize your workload without forgetting anything. Key features of the To-do list chrome extension: ✅ Use for free (has zero cost). ✅ Supports both dark and light themes. ✅ Add and edit tasks with one click. ✅ Ability to view the history of completed tasks. ✅ Easily find out the history of completed tasks. ✅ Drag-and-drop feature for reordering and assigning tasks. ✅ Easy-to-use search bar compatible with all popular search engines. ✅ Design your to-do task list layout with beautiful backgrounds to inspire yourself. ✅ It has a minimalistic, simple, and convenient online to-do list to organize tasks in a few clicks. How do you install the to-do list chrome extension? 1️⃣ Once you are on the extension page of the Google Chrome browser, click on the option "Add to Chrome" on the extension page. 2️⃣ Once the installation is complete and added to your extension, it opens a new tab. 3️⃣ In the new tab in which the extension opens, press the button "Keep it". This helps from disabling the to-do list chrome extension. 4️⃣ That's it! Now it's time to add your tasks and enjoy the application's effectiveness. Why choose to-do list chrome extension? ▸ Stay focused on your tasks. ▸ You will never miss due dates or deadlines as you know the list of tasks you should do. ▸ Have all the sticky notes on one page. ▸ Keep track of your multiple projects and tasks. ▸ Ensure the utmost productivity in your routine by adding tasks to your Google calendar. Try our To-Do List Google Chrome extension to simplify managing tasks and enhance your efficiency and effectiveness. ↪️ Simple and user-friendly Design: To-do list apps need to be simple to use! Hence, our extension has beautiful easy-to-use interfaces that are less daunting. Our center focuses on effectively displaying all the tasks with a clean and intuitive layout. 🔥 Accessible Task Management App: Our extension allows you to add new tasks and edit them with just a few clicks! Thus, you can effortlessly add tasks or even edit existing ones. There is no complex layout, menus, or forms — it's just simple to use. 🏃 Drag-and-Drop tasks to Reorder: You can control your tasks based on your priorities by simply dragging and dropping them. Thus, you can rearrange or reorder tasks with ease and less effort. 🔒 Track your Task History: Do you want to check whether you already did a task or check the completed tasks? Absolutely, you can do it with our To-Do List app! We have a built-in task history feature to track your productivity. 🔍 Easy Search Function: Do you want to find a specific task in your extensive history? The to-do list chrome extension's search function can help you identify a task based on keywords or other criteria. 😍 Update Inspiring Backgrounds: If you are the type of person who stays motivated through inspiring backgrounds, you can update them in our extension! Just choose the right background to get a personalized experience. ✒️ Offer Dark and Light Themes: Whether you prefer dark or light themes, we have both for you! Just choose the one you like and stay comfortable handling more tasks. 🔍 Integrated Search Bar: Do you want to search for something from your favorite search engine without leaving the to-do list extension? Oh, we've got you covered there! Go check out that exclusive feature now. 🔥 Free to-do-list extension: Since we have many unique features, is this a tool-free version? You can enjoy all these jaw-dropping features without spending a penny. There are no hidden fees, app purchases, upfront costs, billing, or subscriptions. It is free of cost. 🤔 What do you write in a todo list? In a to-do list, you write down tasks you plan to do in your daily routine. For example, you can include personal tasks, professional and team management, work-related tasks, grocery lists, household chores, shopping list, team's work, appointments, personal goals, and more! 🫣 How can I write a Best To-Do list? You can write a to-do list based on the below steps: 1️⃣ List all the task list you need to accomplish to manage. 2️⃣ Break down larger tasks into sub-tasks in your todo lists. 3️⃣ Prioritize the list of tasks based on priority(set reminders if essential). 4️⃣ Set reminders per your requirements by keeping track of task lists (use location-based reminders). 5️⃣ Make an organized list from your todo lists. 6️⃣ Add the most important work to your Google calendar (if your app supports it), which would help you focus on and maintain an organized main interface. 7️⃣ Daily or frequently update your new tasks and progress to the to-do list app. 🕓 Upcoming features ↪️ Ability to create tasks using AI: We plan to integrate an AI assistant to automate and simplify your task-generation process by creating a list of new tasks based on your goal. ↪️ Ability to synchronize tasks across devices: We plan to sync your tasks and make them flexible enough to handle all your devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Thus, the sync functionality helps you manage your to-dos no matter what device you handle in everyday use. ↪️ Integrate with leading task management tools: The ability to connect "To-do List Chrome Extension" with popular task management applications like Google Tasks, Microsoft To-Do, calendar events, Todoist, and other apps on Apple devices (for Apple users) or mobile app ensures user flexibility. ↪️ Add due dates: You can add the due dates for each task to keep your list updated. Don't miss trying out the to-do list chrome extension to manage tasks efficiently and effectively! FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) ❓ What is the Chrome extension with to-do lists? You can use this to-do list chrome extension to handle your tasks in just one view instead of multiple views and organize your work effectively. ❓ How do I create a To-Do list in Chrome? Add to-do list chrome extension by downloading and enabling it under your extensions. Next, start adding your data of tasks, which would be helpful to organize your work effectively. ❓ How to make a daily checklist? You can make a daily checklist using a to-do list application to update your daily work or tasks, prioritize it based on deadlines, and tick off tasks once you complete them.

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Mica MJun 18, 2024

Cool but can you make an option to keep only one background,and not change it every time?

1 person found this review to be helpful
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TodoDeveloperJul 14, 2024

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your suggestion about the background. I’ll definitely add some flexibility there soon. Thanks for using the extension!

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Станислав ТкачJun 7, 2024

The interface keeps me focused every time I open a new tab. No distractions, just tasks. Thanks!

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TodoDeveloperJul 14, 2024

I’m pleased to hear the To-do list extension helps you stay focused. Happy task managing!

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Tatiana PaluzziMay 30, 2024

Looks like a nice To-Do list, but it does overwrites a new tab page with the links that I saved on it. I wish it was an extension by choice and not overwrite anything. Too bad. There are lots of To-Do lists apps/extensions, but only one New Customized Tab with all the links I use daily. Thus, 3 stars.

Replier's profile picture

TodoDeveloperJul 14, 2024

Hello! Thank you for your review and sharing your thoughts about this ToDo List Extension. I’ll consider this for future updates.


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