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Felipe B

May 7, 2024

The tab suspension is not working after 1 minute

Im trying to suspend after one minute but it doesnt work, how to fix this?


Mar 6, 2024

New Tab Group Update Causes Bug

Whenever a suspended tab is added to a group it wont let me restore the tab unless I close the browser and re-open it.

Fabian Wenzel

Nov 2, 2023

Umportieren dieser Erweiterung zu Firefox

Ist es geplant das diese Erweiterung für den Gebrauch in Firefox um portiert wird? Es wäre wirklich toll diese Erweiterung auch in Firefox zu nutzen.


Aug 6, 2023

Fade Inactive TABS.

Not bad. One thing that annoys me is that the suspended tab icons are same as all the other active tabs. Please make it so the icons are faded, etc., so we can clearly see that those tabs are inactive. Pet peeve, but helps to tell which are suspended, instead of clicking on tab to make sure, etc.

Fabio Santana

Nov 6, 2021

Suspend/Restore actions on a window aftecs the active tab on all other windows


If you use a keyboard shortcut to suspend/restore a particular tab, it also aftects the active tabs on all browser windows, when it should apply only to the active tab in the active window. If you suspend/restore via the Tiny Suspender menu in the toolbar, the extension behaves as expected and doesn't affect other windows. Would it be possible to fix it?



Robert Citron

Jun 24, 2021

No longer restores tabs in foreground

I have the option check to "Automatically restore tab when brought to foreground" but it no longer auto restores tabs with the new version of google-chrome. I'm on ubuntu.


Feb 23, 2021

Whitelisting entire domain

I would like to suggest whitelisting by entire domain, something competitor plugins have had. For example, I have a website I'm working on with many tabs open, rather than painstakingly messing with each one's settings, whitelisting the entire domain would eliminate that problem.

Kyle Rhodes

Feb 11, 2021

YouTube Suspended Resume Time

Like many others, I am coming from the Great Suspender. One of the features I would like to see make its way to Tiny Suspender is when you restore a URL, I would like for it to resume the playback to where it was before. The Great Suspender used to append the "time" URL query parameter at the end of the URL so that it would start off right at the same time the video was suspended. Below is an example of the "t" query parameter: ?t=418

It's similarly used when you share a video at an exact timestamp so that when you open the URL, it jumps to the exact spot in the video. I would like to see this added to Tiny Suspender so that videos that are paused can be suspended and then when restored it will start back where it was paused at.


Sophiakiki Forest

Dec 16, 2020

Close the tabs too quick

It block the tab in a very quick seconds,would you like to tell how to change the settings?
Thank you for kindly help.

Julie Smith

Mar 28, 2020

Suspend all, Suspend other doesn't work if auto suspend = 0

I love Tiny Suspender, but I have found an issue which only occurs if the auto suspend is disabled by setting it to 0.

The issue is that the onSuspendAll() and onSuspendOthers() functions in popup.js send the "ts_auto_suspend_tab" command.
"Suspend all" works if the command is changed to "ts_suspend_tab".

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