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Beauford A. Stenberg

Dec 3, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultra with Kiwi Browser

I have downloaded and reinstalled the browser plugin twice. I see the plugin listed when I select the three dot dropdown, but when I select it, it does nothing. Also, the plugin has not enabled any changes to my general Kiwi Browser screen, so I cannot use it in any way to search for images. My device is s Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultra. I would really appreciate your assistance with troubleshooting the plugin. Thank you in anticipation

Trong Hieu Nguyen

May 14, 2023



Drew Foster

Mar 22, 2023

Right click menu in Chrome

Like many others, when I install the extension, I can use the right click menu to search for images using Tin Eye. Until I close Chrome. When I restart, the Tin Eye option is gone from the context menu. I contacted you maybe a month ago about this, and we actually replied back and forth two or three times (you wanted version numbers, screenshots, etc.), but then you fizzled out on me. Please tell me (us) how to fix this! Unless you WANT us to use Google?


Mar 9, 2023

are you guys still active?

chrome keeps automatically disabling this extension immediately after i enable it.
you also have a lot of recent posts from people experiencing similar and other issues so i'm just checking in to see if the dev/maintenance has seized, or if its being sabotaged somehow and you are not aware

Curtis Lowe

Jan 15, 2023

Vanishing extension

Every other day or so for the past month I've had to remove and reinstall the extension so it will show up on the right click context menu. It always comes back after install but I'm not sure when it disappears. This is a recent thing as I have been using both Chrome and Tineye for years with no problem.

Evil Pechenka

Dec 26, 2022

The extension has stopped working.

The extension has stopped working.

Marie-Therese de BROSSES

Nov 29, 2020

J'ai téléchargé l'extension pour chrome mais ... rien !

J'ai téléchargé l'extension mais ... rien

Scott Sutherland

Jul 26, 2020

No extension installer. Circular website addresses

I searched to get this extension on Chrome. There is a link to get the chrome extension. On that page is a link to the Tineye website. On the Tineye website is a link to 'get the chrome extension', which takes me back to the chrome site. Neither site actually has any links to anything to allow me to actually ADD the extension. VERY FRUSTRATING.

Lorelee Ricci

Jan 16, 2019

cannot find password script

cannot find proper find password page

Cathy Milne-Ware

Oct 22, 2018

Extension not working with image address.

First, TinEye disappeared from my right-nouse tab drop down menu. I then copied the image address and placed it in the required search area on the site. Three times, I received the same error message:
"It looks like you're trying to search a webpage
To search with TinEye please either upload an image file or provide a direct image address (URL)."
I also uninstalled and reinstalled the extension and that did not correct the initial probelm.

Thank you so much for you attention to this matter.
Cathy Milne-Ware

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