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Avi Parshan

Oct 18, 2022

Enable Social Buttons in Settings doesnt work

There is a z index issue

cant disable the social buttons...

also is it possible to have a bulk website importer

and maybe some button to "add current site" to block list?

Luka Ernestini

May 18, 2022

Doesn't work on some URLs

Doesn't work on URLs of this format: ""

Fatima Seemab

May 11, 2022

Not working

Timewarp is not working for me. I tired creating many wormholes but nothing worked. I so want to use this extension. Please guide me if there is something that I might be doing wrong.

Michael Sadler

Oct 31, 2021

timer reset per day

Great extension !

Is it possible to reset the time every day? It would be good if I could use it to visualise how much time im spending per day on youtube (and possibly in the future discreetly flash after a threshold has been reached). otherwise the time kinda loses its impact after several days.

thanks for your efforts

Cheryl Farley

Apr 15, 2021

FERPA and COPPA Compliance

Hello, I work with K-12 students and am looking for your privacy settings, specifically if you are FERPA and COPPA Compliant. Thank you.

Ainhoa bautista

Nov 15, 2020

Timer wont work on telegram

Hi, i recently discovered your extension and I love it, but I cant's seem to make it work properly for telegram. I would love to put a timer while im chatting, but im only able to warp to another web or put a quote, and I feel like that wouldn´t work for me long term. Can I do something to make it work? Thank you!

Jennifer Goodson

Feb 6, 2020

Nothing works

Hi, I recently learned of this extension, however any sites I try and redirect from, I receive the follow error message

invalid domain: Eg.

I have tried it on several sites including .gov, .edu, .net and have the same error appear.

Please help,


jonathan rosenberg

Dec 1, 2019


Really like this extension, is there anything similar for android? thank you

Melody Liu

Jun 13, 2018

Scheduled Blocking

Sometimes I want to do work, and sometimes I want myself to fool around. Instead of getting into the habit of using the on and off button for the extension, it would be cool to be able to schedule times for productivity and relaxation.

Tim Borny

Apr 2, 2018

Unblock Timer

One feature I'd love to see would be the ability to disable the blocking for a set amount of time.

Say I wanted a 5, 10, or 20 minute break, I could right click the icon and set a timer that would disable allow me to browse freely until the time limit is up.

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