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Anthony V. Yuro II

Jan 24, 2023

Notification of end

It works fine except, when it reaches the end, it just stops. There is no tone, pop-up, nothing to notify me it has reached the end. Any way to add a pop-up or something?

Martin T

Jun 26, 2021

Make app be able to add more timers and and consider adding seconds to chrome bar

Make app be able to add more timers and and consider adding seconds to chrome bar

Ab Ar

Feb 9, 2021


I really like your alarm. There's just a slight problem that I have that I would like: seconds.

Eggshell Subsonic

Oct 12, 2018


Kuba, I emailed you. Since I didn't receive a reply from you, I'll also message you here.

I suggest for you to bring back the seconds if the time is more than 59 seconds. That is, 1 minute and up.

Maybe an option to toggle it on/off? If that's more complicated, please bring the seconds back.

Karel Dekar

Oct 4, 2018

Keyboard shortcuts

Are there any keyboard shortcuts within the application? E.g. "start the timer"?

Bria Sativa Aguayo

Sep 24, 2018

Seems broken

The timer is still working but when the alarm sounds it sounds continuously until you turn it off. I've used this for years and it's never done that before.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 22, 2018

New Update: whole time not shown anymore.

With the newest update, when I set the timer to 4 Minutes it only shows me 4m, 3m, etc. not 4:XX like before. Please give the option to show the whole time again without the need to click on it.

Shafique Kassam

Mar 6, 2018

Show the whole time, and not "..."

The whole timer shows only when the width of it fits a certain amount. Otherwise, it shoes "26:..." for example but changes to "26:11".

This should always show the full time, it's barely wider!

Viliam Villár

Feb 5, 2018

More timers at one time

can you please add option to start two or more timers at one time?
Thank you :)

Pat Clark

Dec 18, 2017

Open Source

Is your code open source? I'm trying to create a similar extension and I am having difficulty understanding chrome's local storage. Thanks!

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