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מירית אליהו זנזורי

Apr 15, 2024

תמלול וסיכום שיחה בזום

היי, לאחר שסיימתי שיחת זום, היכן אני מוצאת את הסיכום והתמלול שלה?

Shai Israel

Jun 26, 2023

Magical note taker


I have an issue with the extension, and everything I've tried so far has failed. I granted permission to the extension to join a recurring Google Meet meeting, but I am unable to remove it from the meeting. I have uninstalled the extension, removed the user from the meeting, and denied it access, but nothing seems to help. The extension keeps reappearing in the meeting.

I am extremely frustrated with this situation. Please help me resolve it as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Yoel Polsky

Jun 20, 2023

Support for languages

What languages are supported for automatic meeting notes and summaries?

shannon beare

Apr 23, 2023

editing availability

hey, just wondering how you edit your calendar availability? or make it sync with google calendar? it's probably really obvious, just can't see a way!

Martins E.O

Mar 10, 2023

Microsoft Teams

Does it work with microsoft Teams?

Dennis “dennisags”

Aug 28, 2022

Login issues - my meeting doesn't show

after login with my g account, i expected my next meeting will popup at magical homepage, but unfortunately it didn't. not a smooth onboarding for me. I want to give it a try , looking forward for your help.

Marcelo Knakiewicz

Aug 26, 2022

Problem login with Gmail


I'm facing a problem to use the extension. I installed it, clicked to login with gmail account, it opens the popup, I pick the account, it loads, but after loading it shows like I hadn't logged in.

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